Saturday, March 22, 2008

Socially Unacceptable!

In order to keep this blog from going religious, spiritual or anything else devoid of practical practices and everyday life, I have decided, for my self, to just write about some silly socially unaccepted quirks that most of us have we try so hard to hide.

First, I would like to discuss nose-picking.
Why is it so disgusting to watch another individual pick their nose when I would say 90% of us do it? What is so repulsive about watching and man or woman as they bury their hand, up to their wrist, in their nostril? We all know, that sometimes, blowing your nose does not get all the bears in the cave out of hibernation. Sometimes it takes the almighty finger to satisfy that sensation of cleanliness.

Secondly, how about scratching your ass?
Depending on the day, especially if it is hot, we all know that since there is a lack of ventilation down there, sometimes the swass, sweaty ass for those who are unaware, becomes so unbearable that the ass begins to itch. And how do we satisfy an itch? We scratch it! Now, some ass might be scratchy due to improper hygiene, namely not wiping completely, but nonetheless, it is still am itch that needs to be scratched.
It amazes me that it is more socially acceptable to watch a guy scratch his balls with no remorse than to watch someone scratch their ass. Is it not one and the same? It is on the same end of the spectrum, just different sides.

Thirdly, why is it unacceptable to curse in front of customers if you work in retail? This one is probably more about manners than anything else, but nonetheless we all know the person we are serving curses just as much as you might. Are we not to talk to customers as we would want to me spoken to? Well, i expect my friends and family to curse at me, in a non-derogatory way of course, when they speak of events that has happened. It is human nature to throw around those four letter words, but still those words are dirty and yet probably the most used, not to mention ambiguous, words in the English language.

And finally, why is it socially unacceptable to fart or belch in public?
These are natural bodily functions that are needed to keep proper balance within ourselves. It removes the gases that are caused by foods and beverages alike. I know, the smell can be offensive, but still it is necessary to do such things especially if a tummy ache is to be avoided. Yet, it is alright for us to announce ourselves when it comes time to take a shit. We all know and most have done this, for some reason it is necessary to let everyone around you that it is time to drop the kids off at the pool, see a man about a dog, or simply, take a shit. For some reason, though, farting is far more offensive than putting the thought into peoples minds of you squatting down over the toilet to relieve yourself of last nights dinner. Belching is not as much a shun as farting, but belch in a crowded restaurant and see the looks of disgust you will receive from other patrons.

Simply, what I am trying to say is nothing. I was just wondering these things and thought I should write them down. For I too wish not to live in a world of nose-picking, ass scratching, cursing, burping degenerates who fart for the pleasure of watching your face turn green from such a wretched smell.

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judi said...

you are so insightful!!!!