Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Craving A Piece Of Time

Is it more than the hands of a clock or the rising and setting of a sun?

Is it a mere conception of control over our daily lives?

What if we were able to break the constraints of time and move through it like it did not even exist?

A bit sci-fi, I know, but think about it and wonder what it might be like if we controlled time instead of time controlling us.

I guess these thoughts are partly due to the fact that I watch a British television show called Dr. Who where the main character, the Doctor, is a time lord and not only is he able to travel through time, but he is also able to control time.
In essence, he is time.

I wonder, not constantly, but a lot, what it would be like if we were able to change time and right all of our wrongs.

Time, to me, is merely a concept. A concept of where we are supposed to be.
Maybe it is even a concept of what we are are supposed to be.
We are classified throughout time as "The Dark Ages", "The Middle Ages", "The Stone Age", and so on. We are even classified by time as being baby boomers, generation X'ers, generation Y, in our golden years, or even in our youth.
We are merely victims of a time period where our personalities and tendencies are chalked up to the era in which we were born.

It is kind of a generalization, don't you think?

But for whom do these bells of time toll?

Well, they should toll for those who toss aside labels of time and become the person they are meant to become.
I believe that controlling time is more than being able to travel through it or around it, but also being able to shatter the label of what time has meant for you. I know I have met people and said something to the effect "you don't act your age", but what is an age supposed to act like?
Everyone, inherently, wants to make a mark on the world. They want to be remembered for something, be it by their family or by the world.
Everyone seems to be looking for their moment in time where they shine brighter than the rest.

Some people, as they get older, try to escape time, whether it be with activity or with plastic surgeries, but nonetheless are trying to preserve themselves into a timeless manner.
Growing old is a curse to some, while growing old brings wisdom to others.

Is living to one-hundred or more really beating the game of time?
Is living to thirty years of age or less really being defeated by time?

Is time really so cruel to some and more generous to others? Or is being defeated by time living to be one-hundred years old?
Time has taken a toll on a body by that point to where independence is no longer an option?

We all crave more time. Whether it be time with our friends, time to ourselves, or time in a moment with a loved one, we always want more of a good thing and less time with what is considered a bad time.
We watch incessantly at the hands of a clock or a watch hoping it will speed up or slow down. Hardly do we give thought to the notion of living in a moment or in the now, we are constantly looking back at what has been and looking forward to what might be.

In essence all we really want is some time.
Some time to live and some time to relent.
Some time to believe and some time to forget.

But what we want most of all is to do these things in our own time. So what would this world become if time was merely a minor inconvenience that was able to be changed at our own will?
Would this world relish in every moment that was once a memory, or would we stop time and hope that we can live forever?
For it is immortality that humans try to achieve more than anything else.


Donn said...

TIME for a little TIME by Bowie..
"Time -
He's waiting in the wings
He speaks of senseless things
His script is you and me boys

Time -
He flexes like a whore
Falls wanking to the floor
His trick is you and me, boy

Time -
In Quaaludes and red wine
Demanding Billy Dolls
And other friends of mine
Take your time

The sniper in the brain, regurgitating drain
Incestuous and vain,
and many other last names

I look at my watch it say 9:25 and I think
"Oh God I'm still alive"

I desperately require units to measure Time. History demands classification. Our lives go through stages. Events need to be catalogued.

Homo Sapiens were formed to live about 35 years of rough and tumble hunting and gathering..mating around puberty and checking out from wear and tear, predation, or disease, well before 40.'

Now we are outliving our best before date and reinventing our mandate...which is fine with me because I just turned 50!

Frank said...

I didn't get the reference of the Bowie song besides the title, but I like the song nonetheless.
Good to see a little Bowie culture in the world.

I do want to ask you though why you "require units to measure time"?
and I would say replace one word in "History demands classification" to HUMANS (Homo Sapiens) require classification.

To me the past is the past and is there to learn from and enjoy. The history of the world is amazing and wondrous, but does classifying it make it anymore impressive, or dare I say bewildering.

Anonymous said...

I believe you need to find a church that teaches what the BIBLE actually says. If not, you will certainly find out one day.