Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Sweetest Day!!

Well, here it is once again. That third Saturday in October where all the men go crazy at the last minute purchasing flowers, candies, cards, or whatever they feel would make a great gift for their significant other.
Just like every other holiday that has undertones of love and happiness, guys do not remember about Sweetest Day until that day is upon us.
I got off easy this year. I was reminded the day before.
A whole night of planning paid off as I surprised my girlfriend with roses when she came home with a card expressing my feelings.
Such the romantic, I know.
Being that this was the first Sweetest Day in the three years we have been together that I actually found myself purchasing a gift, I became interested and decided to research the origins of this holiday, for I was certain it was started by a woman who needed more attention from her man.
To my surprise, it was actually a gentleman named Herbert Birch Kingston who hailed from Ohio, Cleveland to be exact, that started this late year incongruity. I read on though, feeling disappointed that a fellow man let us down by starting yet another holiday which is easily forgotten, but when is forgotten only has treacherous circumstances.
But, the holiday apparently has been blown way out of proportion for the reason that Mr. Kingston was an employee for a candy store, so, he thought it to be nice to bring candies to orphans, shut-ins, and others that he knew have been forgotten just so he could shed a little happiness unto their lives.
What I have also found out, is that Sweetest Day is primarily celebrated in the Great Lakes region of the U.S.A. with the state of Illinois being third in sales for gifts on Sweetest Day.
How lucky am I?
Thank God, though, people are moving from the Midwest throughout this country and carrying the tradition of Sweetest Day with them so men of all ages and all locations can wallow in the pity of their significant others faces when love has been forgotten for the second time this year!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Wishing For Anything

A nice compact four letter word that holds too much meaning, like a lot of four letter words used day in and day out.
But wish, just sit back and think about it for a moment and ponder the thoughts that come into your mind as you whisper the word to yourself over and over.
I know for me it reminds me of my dreams, my hopes, my downfalls and all that I do not have as of yet or will never have.
Talk about a whirlwind of emotions.
Happiness strikes as the thoughts first creep into the front of your mind, but as the thoughts unfurl you are only left with the thought that you do not have what you really want or believe you should have. Therefore, a calm, soothing depression settles firmly and the rest of your day is spent trying to shake the cold hard facts of what you believe is a meaningless existence of failure.

Wishes are so powerful when denied. I believe that we as humans are so strong in many aspects of our lives with one not being our wants or our needs. It is so difficult to live unfulfilled. We seem to constantly take for granted what we do have and throw all the love or possessions out that proverbial window and focus only on what we do not have.
It comes down to this, simply put, the haves and the have nots.

I have this, but it just does not seem to make up for the fact that I do not have that.
I want that so badly I can almost taste it.

Taste what?
After many years of wanting and needing everything I didn't have, I have come to a realization that I am still trying to adhere to. Being alive and witnessing the beauty of this world and also witnessing all of the harrowing events of this world is better than wanting something that apparently is not needed because if it was, it would have been had to begin with.

Did that make any sense?
After I wrote that I am now thinking about the down-trodden. Those people that are out there that try so hard to catch a break that will help them live comfortably but those breaks just run too fast and slip right out of their arms.
Is what they have all that was meant for them to have?

This world is becoming more and more money orientated to the point where the oppressed just do not have a chance to climb from that barrel of monkey's and live with the big dogs for a while.
There is a lot of chatter floating around from the mouths of our representatives saying how much they care and want to help the less fortunate who only have time to wish for necessary luxuries of life like heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, or water that can be had from the faucet that sits rusty atop a sink to give an appearance of domestication.
They first woman speaker of the house, Ms. Nancy Pelosi can talk mindlessly all she wants about how much she cares and will do whatever she is able to to help stop the Bush administration from helping the rich get richer.
Are we to believe that she is scrupulous?
I know one thing if I know anything. Never trust a rich person who is saying they are willing to not become any richer than what they are already. AND, never trust a rich person that is saying they are willing to pay higher taxes and believe the classes should be balanced and more equal.
I have my doubts Nancy, somehow I just can't find myself believing you.
I WISH I could.

But I digress.
I believe we should have dreams that we can aspire to achieve. Dreams are healthy because it makes a person work hard to achieve these goals.
Wishing is so much different a lot of the time. It seems to always be a wish for the unachievable where there is little or no work put forth in achieving this wish; just a kind of hope that this wish will be granted with a magic wand.

My lap has still not had any of that millions of dollars fall into it.
I am still wishing though.

But I do not get depressed.
I do not believe it is worth a headache thinking about everything I don't have that I wish I did.
Who knows, maybe the reason I am not rich or the fact that I am balding is because my life would be much more difficult if I did have these things.

Now that should make you feel better.

I am a firm believer in fate. Everything happens for a reason.
If you are meant for something than that something will be yours.
Now here is my twist on it though.
I still believe that even though you are destined for a dream or a wish, without the proper time and work involved it shall not be yours.
Hence, not living your life to its potential.

But, for right now, I am only going to focus on potential of that timer going off in a couple minutes because I am about to make my wish for a pizza come true.

MMMMM, pizza!!

Oh! There goes that beautiful buzz of the timer.


I want to end with a quote from an article I read online from "There Lariat" distributed by Baylor University. I do not want to infringe on any copyright laws, but this does seem suitable for this rambling blog.

What if God wishes that things could be otherwise and someday will make all things perfect?

Just something to think about when your wishes turn to prayers of greed.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Of A Kind (A new poem)

Flowers quietly bloom amidst a winter change
The cold we only knew is now all we can remember
With everything but time on the side of the casualties
Another heart yearns for the memories that could have been
The grass is colored with the change of the seasons
The stone is embedded with words that mean something
The hard remains of months that held such hope
Now only hold the remains of those months we remember
If life was meant to be, why is the expendable truth left to die
A heart beat, once upon a time, meant something
Now the silence is murder and the tears were never there
But, I swore I heard the cries of an infant welcomed into the world
I swore I heard something that was filled with joy
The glass that separates shows the truth
As the display of names leaves an empty carriage
The silence of the halls that only bear regretful faces
Turn to blood red walls with the hand prints of the torture
The bloody remains drop to the pristine floor
While the tears that fall find no hope for piece of mind
It was all that could have been done
It was all that could have been said
But I was too young to care anyway
I can hear that first cry of two of a kind
In the middle of a dream that I will not have again until the world finds me
In that mourning glory of all that could have been
But I can hear a cry throughout this bloodied dream
I swore I heard that new born cry of two of a kind
Just a mind playing tricks on the shallow scars of remembrance
Flowers bloom quietly over the cold stone remains
That bear the words of love and hopes never rendered
It was all that could have been done
It is all that is done


Well, I hope I will find the return of the usual three visitors to my blog, since I have been gone so long.
I have missed you all.
I am back, though, and badder than ever. Well, at least employed once again.

Yeah for me!!

After four weeks of finding my ass get lazier and lazier feeding off the unemployment wages, I figured it was time to turn the search up a notch and land another substandard job.
It is good to have my old life back.

I am doing well though, if anyone does care. The only bummer that is lingering now is the replacement of my license plates. Some, well let's just say schmuck, decided to steal my rear plate while my car was parked at work. Of course, as many know, when something bad happens, you, as the victim, is the one that is inconvienenced with schedule adjusting and bad attitudes at the police station while filling out a report and the department of motor vehicles where the plate must be obtained.
As I stood in line at the police station for an hour, I had the distinct pleasure of hearing the stories of many people that had come to right the wrongs that were bestowed upon them. All, I can really say about most of these stories is very interesting.
My favorite story had to be the gentleman who was filing a police report on himself for running into a wall while driving. When asked if another car was involved his answer was no. Now I stood there wondering if there was more to the story, but there was not. So, this "gentleman" lost control of his car, hit a wall, and decided to file a complaint against himself.
Am I the only one not seeing the logic?
I was waiting for him to turn himself in for drunk driving considering the time of the incident was at least nine hours prior to the report being filed.
If that was the case, I would maybe say he was very admirable. Stupid, yes, but admirable. But there wasn't alcohol involved, according to him, just plain bad driving.
I wish I knew the reason for him filing the report, but my mind was so boggled by the fact he was standing right there in front of me explaining this story, my attention faded toward the end of his story. That and the fact that the police woman's voice taking the report was as shrill as a choir of children.
Anyway, I just wanted to get that off of my chest.

On to bigger and better things.
Sort of.

Is God keeping score?
Or is Allah keeping score?
How about Buddha? Is he in the mix amidst all this bullshit?

I wonder who is winning. I hope my team is in the lead.
It feels sometimes like the whole world is in a pick up baseball game and it is in the bottom of the ninth with one man on and two men out in a tie ball game. The only problem with this is that there are not going to be any extra innings. This is it.
Time to step up to the plate people and take a long hard look at your life and the people running it.
For those of you who do not understand baseball, let's just say this.
Sink or swim!!
Damn good thing I am a good swimmer, because I am a lousy baseball player.

I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that more and more people just do not care about other people. It is either they are number one or they have no regard for their life which leads to the opinion that other life's are just as useless.
Well, for anyone out there reading this that believes this way, I just want to say this.
I love my life and I do not want to die, so please don't kill me!
Like the Beatles wrote, "All you need is love". How simple but how true.
Maybe all we need is to mind our own business.
Hurt yourself if you want, but why does your disregard for life lead to the demise of the innocent that just happened to cross the wrong path?

If life is a play and the people merely actors, I say it is time for a recast because we are getting terrible reviews.