Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where Am I At?

Where am I?

Where am I!

Well, I am here and I am there but never where I want to be, it seems.
It has been a long couple of weeks with moving and working and now dealing with three little demon cats that sleep all day and keep me awake at night.

Under my eyes, it seems someone took a black marker to add a little color and bags are packed like my eyeballs are planning a trip. I go to work to escape the madness of a growling dog who sees and hears nothing, and three cats that believe my feet are scratching posts.

Thank God I found a job!

But, in the middle of it all I have a woman that keeps me sane and loves all my frustrations away. And, on top of that, I love our new apartment and the neighborhood. It is actually the kind of area I have wanted to live in for a while; right in the middle of the action where men and women pile into the bars for a wild Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. night, where the homeless give you advice on where the best places are to pick up women, and where a dominatrix club meets in a hall next door.

I have been relaxing the somber sounds of rhythmic whipping through my windows.
Ahh!! Refreshing.

To sum it all up, Homo Escapeons, I have been where I am supposed to be.
In the middle of life instead of the middle of my day dreams.